Freddy’s opens, chaos ensues

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Cars circled out onto the streets of Liberal as the doors to Freddy’s opened for the first time on Sept. 17.

When I arrived at the restaurant, the line of people on foot curved around the new building. I wasn’t sure if this was going to be worth my time or not but I wanted to know what Freddy’s had to offer.

Here’s what I learned:

Liberal has been waiting for a Freddy’s to open for very long time. Lizbeth Macias, freshman pre-dental major, even joked that she had been waiting for a Freddy’s to open “since [she] was born.”

Taking this anticipation into consideration, I went in expecting a large crowd BUT the crowd blew my expectations out of the water. The crowd was so big that I had to park at Mead Lumber. PLUS I had to wait at least 20 minutes before the manager let me go in and order. They were afraid to exceed capacity; but nonetheless, people stayed in line and eagerly waited for their turn to order.

While I waited, I noticed more people becoming anxious to get inside, but employees walked around making conversation, asking you questions, and even providing you with a free combo coupon if you had been waiting for a long time. While tensions were high it didn’t stop the Freddy’s employees from making you feel right at home.

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